Any SW to make just one file contiguous?

If I have a hard drive with enough contiguous room, is there a way to defrag just the file I am going to burn or do I have to defrag the entire drive/partition?

there are special tools to defrag single files. but it isn’t neccesary if you burn it on a cd/dvd.

sometimes burning does not go a smoothly with a highly fragmented file.

Dirms has an option which may do it, but the documentation is unclear - it looks like the COMFRAG option may be obsolete, and with it, the option to defragment one file as much as space allows.

There may be options in the normal defrag, which would allow you to defragment (all) files, without attending to free space.

Are you defragging an NTFS or FAT partition?

I know FAT is processed differently and takes a long time, but NTFS is super fast, why waste time trying to defrag a specific area of the HDD, just run a full defrag.

if you have enough free space, can you create an iso of the compilation in the leftover space and have the file as one contiguous space?

an easier solution, if this is a frequent occurence, is to create a separate partition on the same hard drive, and put the files there before burning. i might be spoiled with all my storage, though.