Any suggestions on photo slide show apps?

I have tried Windows Movie Maker and Photostory, however want something with more features. I don’t know if anyone here may have suggestions.

I want to be able to not have to use a “template” or premade Menu to start the show off. I would like to start it with scrolling text or some other variation of text insertion on a blank pic.
Be able to trim my music which I understand will have to be mp3 (to fit the for example intro) as I plan on using the same music at the beginning for all of my slide shows and the same for the ending comments, credits etc.
I also want Audio Normalization so that the audio is consistent throughout the show.
I have looked at Photodex but understand that it needs lots of RAM otherwise it freezes up and locks on slide presentation.
There are a lot of slide shows out there but very, very few that have Support in the form of Forums. I have noted frustrations by others in my predicament as well. Many with negative comments about Roxio, Pinnacle etc. however there are other on-line software that are for sale.
I indeed would appreciate comments. A program without a big footprint would be a desireable request as well.
Thank you.
(I just had some photos put into a slideshow for an anniversary and was totally taken aback at the cost and thus want to be able to do some gifts up on my own.) I already have audio converting software as I understand that I will need to use mp3 format and I don’t d/l that music, so I needed to get started on learning how to do that and have mastered that.
Now I want to look at the actual programs for the slide shows. The downside of most of these on line apps is that they only allow a few photos to be downloaded and provide virtually no instruction on how to do so and no contact to ask if the program will do what I have listed above.

Look at Proshow gold…

Have a look at Ulead. I’ve used it to make picture shows and was very pleased with the results.

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