Any suggestions for watching missed soaps



I work till 11pm every night and so I miss all the soaps such as emmerdale, coronation streat and eastenders. I was just wandering if anyone knows a torrent site I can download them from.


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Probably the handiest way to watch these is with the BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK or the RTÉ player if you live in Ireland. As far as I’m aware of, both will let you watch programmes up to a month of them being broadcast and you can watch them as they stream, rather than waiting for them to download first.

If you really want to try downloading an episode of something by Torrent and are aware of the legal issues, try a Google on the programme title followed by the date (e.g. 26th February 2010), followed by the word “Torrent”. If you don’t get any useful results, try writing the date in another format, e.g. 26-02-2010, 26-02-10, etc. If you still have no luck, then that particular episode or programme is unlikely available as a Torrent, at least on a public indexing website.


If you can receive freeview purchase a pvr such as Humax or topfield and set it up to record your program on a daily/weekly scheme.
This also has the advantage of being able to fast forward through the ads.
I know that it will not let you see the ones you have already missed but should at least stop it in the future.


There are places to look…not sure which are the best, or what the legality is, but if you [B]google[/B] for “[B]movies online[/B]” or something similar you may find what you are looking for.
Someone recently showed me a site where it was possible to watch very new movies…but I cannot remember what it was.

#6 has them all but you need to be a member. The membership is usually by invitation only but they sometimes open up the membership for everyone on occasion.