Any suggestions... can play "backup" CD but cannt install it



Im kind of a nube here with backing up CDs. I followed philamber’s guide to a “T”. the (Using alcohol to copy securom 4.8x protected games without emulation)

I can play the game with my backup CD in the drive. (I installed it with the orginal CD)

You think I have to redo the BWA file and repatch it? Or is there anything else I can do.

If you need any more info Ill let you know.

Thanks for any help.


Try selecting the “ignore media type” option in Alcohol, maybe the game won’t install from a RW drive/disc.


Thanks for the tip. Ill try it out.

I followed everything though, ya know?

  1. I made the image using Alcohol 120. (ccd file)

  2. For the BWA file, I converted the mds file to bwa. The graph is kind of choppy. I copy everything at 4x. Isnt it supposd to be a perfect (almost) smooth straight curve??

  3. Then using twinpeak I patched the files together. (the ccd file and bwa)

  4. Burned the patched files using Alcohol.

It is frustrating. Maybe Im just that imcompetent. :confused:

I have a Samsung SD 616 DVD Rom drive and a NECNR 7800A CD RW (16x write speed). (I dont even know what drive that is the NEC)



Toshiba, Plextor and ASUS units are known to be not able to install twinpeaked backups - maybe you’re in the same boat?

You need two backups, one twinpeaked for playing and and one Alcohol or Blindwrite to install from


So even though I can play the game when its installed on my computer I still need the two backups? (the twinpeaked and one alcohol)

Im think Im confused. I thought I did all of that. (I apologize if Im making this more complicated)

I also thought Alcohol 120 was supposed to be put the CD in and presto chango, CD copied EXACTLY.

I know certain things are copy righted, but I didnt realize there would be so many hoops to jump through, are ALL games like that?



Just those protected by SecuROM and the backup twinpeaked