Any success with 'cheap' media in 109?



I am receiving my 109 tomorrow and need to buy some media locally to start playing with the burner. All the media looks the same to me, only difference is price. Has anyone had any luck using cheaper branded dvd media, or is it advisable to stick with the more expensive media? circuit city has some ESA brand with decent reviews for $20 per 50 packs…

Any success stories on the cheap-o’s?



Let us know! I am all out of cheapo media! Been using ty02/max002/verbat 16X. the ty and verbat burn the fastest on all my burners so far.

PS/ I bought all that media for less than $40 a 100 pack on sale. So get the good stuff if you see a great sale near you.


16x Datawrite Titanium DVD+R media have not been too bad in my Pioneer 109.