Any store sell NEC 2500A with good price, And accept an International Credit Cards?

Hi all,
I want to buy NEC 2500A from internet…
And I don’t live in U.S.A.

Is there any store on the net, Sell NEC 2500A with good price ( arround 75$-80$ )?
And accept an international credit card’s ( International MasterCard )??

And have a good price for ground shipping (In U.S.A )
Because I have a mail box in U.S.A, I want to shipping NEC 2500A to it.

Where I can found this store?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz

I beleive reputable online retailers won’t ship to a maill box. They use carriers like FedEx, UPS, etc, and the customer signature is required upon delivery.

I am sorry, What I have is like a house, When I buy any thing from the net, They ship it to the house, This house is a company, Which when I add my address add my ID…
When the company read the ID, They will be know this ship for me!

I am sorry because I can’t good speak English!!

But what I mean of all, I need any store on the net which sell NEC 2500A with good price, And accept an International credit card’s.

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

I am sorry, But don’t accept an International credit card!!
Do you have another store?

Thank you
Dr. Aziz

Sorry, Doc, I didn’t realize that by international credit card you meant a card issued by a non-American bank. Then, I don’t know.


I have the same problem, being based in the UK, but working in the US occasionally. Stores that accept international credit cards are not very common.

I have used all of the the following stores:

have the 2500 in stock. Sometimes you can find a coupon code for free shipping.

other stores that take international cards, but aren’t carrying the 2500.

Another stores?
Dcotor Aziz