Any standalone DVD player play ALL format?

Can someone please tell me the BEST standalone dvd player that plays :

DVD + R , DVD -R, DVD +/-RW, Video CD, SVCD, AND

DivX, and can play PAL DVD’s (and obviously NTSC). I live in N America and want to watch PAL DVD formats on my TV.

Please direct me to one if you know of any.

Please provide link if possible.

ps- Anyone know if the PhilipsDVP642(unsure if plays PAL) or JVC XV-NP1SL(unsure if plays DivX) do all?

do you have that player Merther? If so how do you rate it?


What is that like $75 American?

The player is very good, I havent had a problem with it, and you can even do firmware updates so the player is always up to date with the latest codecs.

That was going to be my next question . . . I might have to seriously consider it.

Im not sure if that website does international delivery though, eBay should help lol.

:iagree: Yup same here


Pioneer DV-575A-S DVD Player

In your list you have forgotten SACD and DVD-Audio… It plays them too… :cool:

I have it and am fully satisfied. DivX chipset is the MediaTek one.

Regards, :slight_smile: