Any solutions for repairing destroyed Liteon LTH-165H DVD?

Hello everyone,

I think this is a very stupid question about something even more stupid I did, but I just want to know for sure that my Liteon LTH-165H DVD player is dead for good…

What did I do…I accidently flashed my Liteon LTH-165H dvd player with the wrong firmware from a Liteon LTR-48246S (2SOG) in combination with flashfix (I know very stupid…)

Even more worse…the flasher stopped before finishing the flashing. My computer does not recognize it anymore and when
I use Mtkflash (DOS version) in Dos mode, it says that there is an “Unkown flash” and then it quits (I have used different versions of MTKflash). MTKflashwin (windows version) doesn’t work too. I tried to use CH0E.bin to CH12.bin without any result.

I want to try WSES 1.07 (does anyone have experience with this program?)

I you have any suggestions, please let me know ok
(Only serious reactions please, I know I have done something stupid).

Thanx a lot :bow:

what exactly happens when u try to use mtkwinflash? if u use IDE Mode, u should have no problem flashing ur drive.

I connected the Liteon LTH-165H as secondary slave to my other PC (with Win98 bootdisk).
This because my main PC works under XP home and doesn’t have a floppy drive.

When I start the other PC it “hangs” and I have to press F5 to skip boot.
(no secondary master or slave is displayed afterwards).

A:\ is displayed -> I type => C:\

MTKflash is on my C:\ (FAT32) -> I used mtkflash 1.48 & 1.55 (stored in different folders)

C:\FLASH148\mtkflash 4 W /B CH12.BIN -> Mtkflash starts and shows something like;


Updating 0000
Updating 0000
Updating 0000
Updating 0000
Error writing flash

When I try to readout the firmware from the Liteon LTH-165H, it shows a completly
empty screen.

Any suggestions? :confused:

my question and suggestion was about mtkwinflash. i know that certain versions of mtkflash don’t always work for different drives (i’ve had the problem myself) but i don’t think i’ve seen such a problem occur when using mtkwinflash in ide mode.

I will try mtkwinflash tonight. Can I startup in the same way that I startup MTKFLASH (DOS)?

u said above that u already tried using mtkwinflash, which is why i asked what it says when u try to use it. u use mtkwinflash in windows (as the name implies) rather than in dos. u just start it up, choose ide mode, choose the bin firmware u want to flash ur drive with and whether the drive is primary/secondary master/slave, then flash.

By the way I also put the jumper to slave (on my main computer it’s my secondary master and the jumper is also set as master). I read on some forums that u have to use a "jumpertrick. Do you know if this is true and what it means? Greetz

i’m not aware of any “tricks” involving the jumper (or at least can’t recall any offhand). do u have a link?

the jumpers they’re referring to are an extra set of jumpers, NOT the master/slave jumper.

Ok…but do I also needs these extra jumper(s) or is that only for CDR? (thnx 4 the quick answers!)

if u don’t already have the jumpers, i’m pretty certain they’re not something u need.

Which version of Mtkwinflash should I use?

Hello everyone,

I tried to use the last 2 versions of MTKWINFLASH ( &, both are not working and complaining there is an unkown flash. (DVD player as secondary slave, jumper-> slave)

I want to try something else;

Does it matter is you run mtkflash (DOS) from the C:\ or from the A:. Until now I only tried to run it from the C:.

Thnx 4 UR reactions! :rolleyes: