Any Solution to slow burns?

I am using CloneDVD v. and AnyDVD v., both purchased versions…

My IDE drivers are the ones supplied with WinXP Pro.

When I try to do a direct copy (with one DVD drive, which is a Lite-On SOHW 1633S) it reads fine, and creates the files on the hard drive, however when I switch the disc to a blank disc, it says it is writing, then eventually comes up with 400 - 500 minutes remaining. I can reboot the computer at this time, put a new blank in the drive, open up CloneDVD again and write from files on the hard drive and it writes in about 5-6 minutes.

Why do I have to do it this way? I see others having the same problem, but I haven’t seen a solution yet. Is there one?



i have seen several people with this same problem. it wont let me reboot to put another disc in, i have to do a cntrl alt del to get out, then it goes thru the same process again.

I have the same drive and the same problems. It reads fine and then slows down alot when writing. It will then say something like 1319 minutes remaining. I did not have this problem before I downloaded a few updates. This only started after I downloaded the last 3 or 4 updates. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as this is getting frustrating. The discs do not matter as I tried many different brands…


i also have the same drive.

same drive same problem

mtl4life did you try the firmware update for this drive and did it work?

i contacted lite on and if you bought your drive after 12 24 2004 you have the latest driver and firmware for the lite on sohw 1633s, so that is not the problem.

I think the problem is the new software??? it has an issue it seems?

I downloaded the newest version but have yet to burn anything, I may go find me a DVD and try it out

No problems at all with a 1633@1653 CSTJ…

Yes I did, and it worked for me two out of five times. Still not working as it should.

i have been able to burn a dvd-r ok it took the normal amount of time. everytime i try a dvd +r i get a coaster. i have tried five different types of +r discs and none of them worked kept getting same problem.

Here are updated versions, which fix the problem:



I downloaded the firmware for my Lite-On 1633W and downloaded the updates listed for Clone DVD. Now, my disks read, and then when I go to insert a blank disc, it just sits there. It just reads “cancel” or “eject” and nothing happens. It is like I have lost connection to my drive. I rebooted several times and get the same thing. It reads the entire disk, and then it is like the drive disappears. Even when I go to my computer, it says there is no readable disk in the drive and I have a new blank DVD+R waiting to be burned. I have tried several disk to be sure. These problems all started about 3 or 4 updates ago of Clone DVD. Before that, everything ran great and I was creating backups at the rate of 5 to 10 disks a week with no errors at all. Any suggestions? What could cause a drive to just disappear?

Thanks for any help…Brad :confused:

I updated all the slysoft programs today, 4/22, and now everything seems to be working ok. I also re-downloading the firmware for the Lite-On. I just burned a disc and all is well. YEAH !!! :bow:

I hope others have luck as well…


which version of clonedvd did you install, brad? or the