Any software to Join 2 Avi's together?

When I do it with ConvertXtoDvd it stops for 3 seconds until the second part starts to play.

Is there a program that will do a smoother job ?

Like a program that can join 2 avi’s into 1 that will continuesly play ?

Let me know, thanks

OP said, “Like a program that can join 2 avi’s into 1 that will continuesly play ?”

VirtualDub (the MP3-Freeze version) :wink: ( download here… , main reason i recommend the ‘MP3-Freeze’ version of VirtualDub instead of the standard one is that on VBR MP3 etc audio the regular version can act up where this one wont :wink: )

i use that often to branch together 2 700MB XviD files. (not easy to use but once you know hot do it it’s actually very easy… you can even use to split video files etc to)

but to tell you how to do it…

start up the application then goto VIDEO and select ‘direct stream copy’ … then go to FILE and ‘open video file’ and select the first part of the .avi file and then go to FILE and select ‘append video segment’ and select the 2nd part of the video file… then after that select ‘FILE > Save AVI’ and then name it to whatever you want and save it and it will take about 1-2minutes to finish depending on how fast your hard drive is and that’s that.

have fun :wink:

NBR just hit the ball out of the park. VirtualDub is all you need and its free.

is there any benefit/drawback to using ‘MP3-Freeze’ version of VirtualDub, instead of whats listed here ?

the update log at the bottom of that page says:-

v2.2 – 10th May, 2008, Removed VirtualDUB MP3 Freeze reference and added link to AfterDawn guide for VirtualDUBMOD to counter sampling rate error. (Dela)

but does not give any indication why the switch was made

try winavi never let me down plus comes with all the soft ware so runs smooth

AVI DeMux also works real well.

i have used VirtualDub in the past, and am just putting together something where i want the ability to simply join 2 avi files (movies) so they are in one piece, with no change whatsoever to the audio or video, a momentary glitch where the videos merge is normal in many programs.

I was just curious on the differences between the MP3-Freeze version and the latest VirtualDub and if there was a reason the info was swapped on AfterDawn