Any software to encrypt/password-protect DVDR and CDR?

Hi guys I need some advice,

Been looking high and low for a software to encrypt the data I burn into DVD+/-R, or at the very least password protect it cos I’ve got some sensitive data.

So far I only found encryption software that create encrypted containers that can be burnt into optical media. However, they must be “mounted” to read them.

Is there any software that does not use the container method?

Many thanks!
Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but i think its the most appropriate one.

Plextools has some sort of password protection. I know it is there for CDs, maybe for DVDs as well. I would post in the Plextor forum and ask them how this works.

Virtual CD 7 can do it too…Password protection and/or file encryption… :slight_smile:

Virtual CD 7?

I checked it out and it looks like some CD/DVD imaging/image-loading software? Can it encrypt data burnt to DVD also?

Open “edit virtual cd”,then you can start a project and specify the disc size before you proceed to the encryption settings,which you can find when you use the “create” option…

I don’t think it can produce actual CD and DVD discs - just manage virtual ones. I may be wrong, but I had not heard it able to burn discs.

Roxio Easy Media Creator has the ability to password protect.