Any software to encrypt dvd-r's?



Hi Guys,

Just wondering, is there any software available to add encyption to dvd-r’ so that 1-to-1 copy via nero does not work?
Any feedback would be appreciated.


Well there’s hardly any encryption avalible to a DVD that is not broken, and anyway real encryptions cost alot of money. So the only thing you can do is basically delay it for a little, I have read in this forum about free protection software but it was long ago and I have not been able to find it.


Thanks for the info AirHead


you could get a 4gb flash drive, from verbatim or other that comes with a password protecting thingy :slight_smile: lol Or one of the Lacie biometric external hdd drives, that use ur fngerprint to access it. Not dvd, but other options.


the big movie companies are still trying to do that, there wasting a lot of money on it aswell