Any Software to Check Audio CD Skips?



I tried to look around for such software by Google but I don’t see any.

Very rarely my burner does burning skipping CD’s and data verification of the audio files burnt was OK.

Thanks a lot in advance.


It’s better to burn at lower speeds and using better media.


“Skipping” isn’t something that’s actually present on the CD… it’s just something that happens when a player or drive has trouble reading part of a CD.


Go with chef

It’s better to burn at lower speeds and using better media.


I agree with chef. I always burn at 12x speed at the fastest and making sure my computer is doing nothing even mildly intensive. I use Imation CD’s, which I think is good but I wonder about the opinion of others.

Tks NRen, but like to ask if any software can help to detect this probable skipping problem on other discs. Actually to be fair, the only reason for the skip is because I forgot that my printer not connected to the burning computer was printing, and that the whole computer table was vibrating as the disc was being burnt. I don’t ever think I got a skip since I became very careful and burned at low speeds, till this recent ‘accident’.


There is (was?) also a problem with current Nero versions, a bugged mp3.dll was the issue.


Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO and Taiyo Yuden rank as the best for me, never thought that Imation was a good brand for CDs or DVDs.


Hmmm … yup and that’s why I’m still using Nero 6 which they just updated last month.

OK, looks like the answer is prevention is better than attempts to detect a ‘faulty’ CD. And no such software.