Any Software to Burn Napster Stuff for free?

I just signed up for a free trial on Napster which I probably wouldn’t have had I known that you have to pay to burn a track- I thought the monthly membership costs covered that for which I didn’t have a problem- they are truly greedy aholes! Anyway, is there any software that lets you burn Napster stuff for free available online like the great DVD Shrink program which lets you burn almost all DVD’s? Any help appreciated. Thanks

you’re on a FREE trial of a program that you normally have to pay for, and you’re getting music for FREE and complaining about it, and you’re calling them greedy a-holes?

Yeah I am. The only thing I’m getting for free is to be able to here stuff on my computer, whoopee do. believe it or not, if I actually here stuff I like I buy the CD not some rip off wma file or what have you. Anyway, this forum is great except for you and I actually found my answer in a great thread here about a great product called tunebite!

I imagine that burning stuff for free that costs money to legally do is circumventing their protections on media you don’t already own (or else you could just burn the cd) and isn’t that against cdfreaks policy to aid you in doing?


The napster trial is definately without a doubt a great deal!! I just downloaded well over 1000 songs in the month I had it then just gave it up after that… I got it at but i think you can get it from other sites too,