Any software that can let iTunes burn to .iso?

Is there any software I can get that can let iTunes burn a CD to .iso format?

Or could I somehow mount a recordable CD-R to Daemontools and let iTunes burn to that?


itunes won’t even burn mp3s much less write iso images.

there are other programs that allow you to burn your music files to an iso. nero, for example, is one.

if you let us know exactly what you’re trying to do then we can offer more specific information.

[B]Exactly What I’m trying to do:[/B]
itunes lets you burn a cd
You can then rip that cd to MP3 or any other format you desire.
The problem is that it wastes a lot of CDs.
[B]What if you didn’t have to burn to a physical CD?
What if you could burn to a Virtual CD drive that would simply create and ISO on your hard drive?[/B]
From there, it would be simple to mount the ISO using DaemonTools and then rip it to the desired format.

This would be simple and it would help save the environment.
[B]Is there any way to [I]burn [/I] to a fake CD drive?[/B]

I think this would be much easier than trying to crack the DRM all the time.