Any software support HP CD-writer cd4re?

I just bought a HP cd-writer cd4re (USB) external. The problem is that I cannot find any software that supports this writer except for the one coming with the writer.

The reason I need another software is I want to burn an ISO file but I cannot use Easy Cd-creator and so on.

Anyone can help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

what program came with your writer
and check nero’s supported recorders

thank you for your reply. I have got the newest Nero and it does work.

what burning program came with your recorder


sorry for digging out such an “old” thread but I think this information might be helpful for other people as well. I recently aquired a HP CD-Writer CD4RE / CD4E on Ebay. Nere 6.6.0.x did not recognize the writer. Searching the internet did not yield too much information. I did find a hint in the NERO FAQ concerning an HP 8200 CD writer. This model was not recognized starting ver 5.5.x.x . Nero Support suggest to change WNASPI32.DLL.

This did the trick. I installed Nero 6.6.0.x again and just changed to WNASPI32.DLL to the old 5.5.x.x version. From that moment on, the CD4RE writer is recognized by NERO and it seems to work flawlessly. Much better than the standard software supplied by HP (Record Now).