Any Software Or Anthing Can Put a 85 or maximum of 2hrs in one disc

help me please!!! if you know somethind! thank

What’s “put a 85”?
What are you putting on the disk.
What sort of disk?

If 85 means “85’ movie”, you need the KVCD templates for TMPGenc 2.5 (you canot use TMPGenc Xpress) and to make a KVCD. First, download the templetes from The most useful template is “KVCD 352x240 NTSC /352x288 PAL (120’ per CD-R)”. It’s a little tricky, because the template creates only a .M1V video and you need to have also the MPEG version of the same movie (the movie itself if it was a mpeg; an encoded mpeg, made even with TMPGenc’s Settings ‘motion search precision = lowest quality (very fast),’ because you need it only for the audio, if it wasn’t a mpeg (i.e. it was an .AVI, an .ASF, a .MOV…). You’ll use it to multiplex it to the .M1V just created to make a ‘Video-CD (non standard)’ with TMPGenc’s File___MPEG tools [choosing, as, type: Video-CD (non standard) or the MPG will return large as a VCD mpeg).
The final movie will be smaller than the original movie. I don’t like the KVCD’s quality because it’s a little worse then the standard VCDs’ and a CD-R is rather cheap, but if you want to do that…

how to use that?

A DVD can hold up to 2 hours without any problems. Just adjust the bitrate. Or do you mean a CD disc?

yeh i want a cd that i can put until 85 mins or above

Any regular CD can do it. You just need to encode the video to a lower bitrate.

how to encode the video? what software i will use?

Avoid the complicated VBR stuff. Just encode in KVCD format.
Use TMPGenc 2.5 and download some special templates for it from
Read some infos on and learn how to make KVCD videos from the movies:

  1. use the templetes with TMPGenc and create a .M1V KVCD video
  2. create a ‘non standard’ .MPG file from the .M1V ‘mute’ video you just made on step 1, by multiplexing it to a ‘full mpeg’ obtained from the MPG version of the same video, using as type ‘MPEG-1 Video-CD (non standard)’ to add the audio to the .M1V KVCD video file you created

Depending on the template you use (the most useful is the ‘general purpose VCD quality’ template), about 120’ of KVCD movie will fit on a CD-R.