Any software copy the dvd with same quality?



hi ,

i use clonedvd with dvdregion+css free to copy protected dvds and it works fine but clonedvd need to reduce the quality by 50% to copy them although the original 4.7GB and blanck one is the same size or i need to use double layer dvd to get it with the same quality , so is there any other software which keep the same quality for the copied dvd ?

thanks for help…


You could use DL media(DVD9) or split a movie onto 2 SL (DVD5) and keep the same quality. Any time you compress 7+GB down to 4.4 GB you are going to lose quality.


YOu could try copying Main Movie Only and removing audio and subtitle tracks untill it was small enough to fit on a DVD-R5, my prefered way is DVDRebuilder+CCE 2.50 3pass. Even at 48% (about 2500kbps) it is still great quality.