Any SlideShow Maker wTWO Audio Tracks?

I have tried just about “every” slideshow maker out there including all the ones mentioned in this thread >>

I’m looking for a program that will allow “audio captioning” AND background music to play at the same time. Every program so far allows one or the other but not both. Some programs “sound like” they do this but the trial period shows they don’t ((like the otherwise excellent program “PhotoShow Pro Gold (?)”

There are workarounds that simply take too much fiddle time if any change is wanted. Captions are when you make a comment on the particular slide being shown. I want to be able to make a slide show then change a slide and the comment that is made while being able to select music to play continuously in the background. I"m kinda surprised they don’t all do this as camera clubs have been doing this with cassette players for years using the left/right channel ability. ///// Thanks, Bobbo.

You´ll certainly get it with Adobe Premiere. Importing the sequence of pix to the time-line, and adding several audio-tracks.

Another idea…which I´ve not tried, is to make your commentary track using something like Audacity, then an editor such as Nero Sound Trax where you can combine several tracks and export as one. This single track should then work in your Photoshow Pro.

Thanks Deanimator–Adobe is usually “expensive” but should have a trial period?? I will look at it when I get irritated enough at the work around solutions.

PS–one of the best sci/fi-horror films ever==good choice. /// Bobbo.