Any Shop4tech 10% coupons out there?



It has been a while; last one I remember was Feb.


GG10 still work? EDIT Yup, just tested it. GG10 works.


I had no luck; tried it before I posted and just now. Any tricks?


I dunno. I didn’t do the complete checkout but I did go through and select a pack of IJ Printable DL Verbs and submitted the code. It showed the deduction just prior to the step where you submit.


Still no go from work, so it cannot be cookies. Ah well, sooner or later they will start up again. Suprising they missed easter.


Did you use any coupon codes In the past with Shop4tech?


This a great site for online coupon codes:

Only 10% off with google checkout @ shop4tech currently on that site

you could try one of the following, I usually just keep trying until one works



Thanks guys. I tried them all and none worked, even when I try google as a checkout. Sooner or later they will issue a new one.


Ripped straight from the Shop4tech site…

Take full advantage of this great deal by using these following formulas to shop our site.

$11.11 - 10% Coupon Code GC10 - Google Checkout $10 off = FREE
$12.21 - 10% Coupon Code GC10 - Google Checkout $10 off = $0.99 + FREE Shipping
$13.32 - 10% Coupon Code GC10 - Google Checkout $10 off = $1.99 + FREE Shipping

EDIT I just used it with no problem whatsoever. Just got a 200 pack of cd/dvd sleeves for $0.00! Gotta love Google Checkout!


“AM10” was working a couple nights ago.


GC10 code is back again (don’t know if it ever left :slight_smile: until 5/15/07