Any setup issues with the 3540a I need to worry about?

I recently got a 3540a drive and put it into my system. Windows recognized it at bootup and I didn’t appear to need to install any drivers myself. (nothing came with the drive either).

I read on here that I should make sure I’m using the windows default drive controller and that it is set to dma mode 2. I confirmed this was the case.

Is there anything else I need to do as far as setup. I plan to flash the firmware later but is there any OS config I need to do?

I just stumbled upon the dma stuff and wondering if I’m missing anything else.

thanks everyone.

I found a few threads that mention the ECC needs to be changed for nero cd/dvd speed. There was listed a way on how to do this but not a reason as to why.

Are the quality reports inaccurate if I don’t change this ECC setting?

The only other thing i might suggest is a good quality 80 conductor IDE cable. Your other settings seem fine.

RE CD-Speed ECC settings. As default NEC drives are 7ECC. setting this to 1ECC should give you a more accurate scan.

Thanks for the reply! I was just wondering if there is an negative effect to setting the ECC to 1? It sounds like it will make cd-speed better but does it have the chance of making another program behave worse?

Setting ECC to 1 will only affect scanning with CD-Speed. This won’t affect any other application.