Any scans for MCC002 with US0N/US0Q/VS08/VS0A

i am having problems with this media (Verbatim MCC 002 - 4X) with liteon 812s (ot 812@832).
with 832 VS0A, burn ends but error rate very high
with 812 VS0Q, burn stops after 10%

so anybody have scans with any of these firmwares:
1- US0Q
2- US0N (i found some scans, they are good)
3- VS0A
4- VS08


Hey mcbyte,

I have a Sony DWU18A - 812@832 VS08, and have being using MCC-002 (Verbatim Datalifeplus +R 4x) for almost every burn that I have done. I have to say that my drive loves this media. Great burns almost every single time. I will post some Kprobe scans for you a bit later (at work right now).

p.s nice work on the avatar

News Update:
i put back the eeprom of 2 weeks ago, and the US0N formware.
then burned an RW, it is ok.
put another media MCC 002, burn, finished burning, but it is completely unreadable, when inserting it it will blink for long time, then as if there is no media, kprobe also say no media.

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i’ll try the latest possibility, using VS08 firmware…

what other media do you suggest for 812? one that is good with all firmwares?

here is the scan with 812@832 with firmware VS08, most files with bad crc.

here’s a scan with VS0A, burned @ 8x

Okay, here is an MCC002 burned with US0N at 4x

Here is a MCC002 burned with VS08 at 4x (this is a made in singapore MCC002)

so it’s not firmware problem, it’s my drive that is calibrated bad with this media,
i’ll get another type of +R meda soon.

here is my scan
812S with US0N
burned at 8X using OP

heard that there are two types of verbatim 4x +r (MCC002)
one is made in taiwan and the other made in singapore
mine is made in singapore

^^ mine is from taiwan, got it from

Sony DW U18A (Lite-on 812s) With US0N firmware.
Verbatim datalife plus at 2.4x

Here is the scan:

Here is a MCC002 burned with VS08 at 4x (this is a made in Taiwan MCC002)

Once again a great result :slight_smile:

Thats the challenge of DVD burning, to find the media that works best with your drive. MCC002 doesn’t work so well? As you say, time to try something else. If you can, try to pick up some Taiyo Yudens or Maxell, if not, some RICHOJPN’s or maybe even some riteks or.

you got 2 post with the for the same problem its confusing. as was mentioned before try the media in another burner if possible. if it burns badly and gives the same results as 832s its just a bad batch you got. If it burns good then your drive may be faulty or your drive may not like that particular media. any other +r media to try and see the results, if it does poorly on other known good quality media then the drive is bad.

MCC002 Made In Taiwan doesn’t work so well.
MCC002 Made In Singapore works fine for me.
If you can get Made in Japan they are the best.

Made in Taiwan works great with my 832S VS0A. Burned@4x:

Made in Taiwan have good scans with kprobe, but i had some problems in DVD players, get freeze, skips, and hard to read. I don´t know why.
Made in Singapore works fine in all DVD players where i put them, and scans in kprobe gives me better numbers.
i have Sony DW-u18a (Lite on 812s) US0N firmware bitsetting omnipatched.