Any scan with a philips 1628?



I haven’t seen any scan with this drive yet? they are available next to my place for 50€. I know they are supposed to be as good as a 1640 but… I would appreciate some scans.


I just got one yesterday. I will do some scans as soon as I get some decent media.

By the way, the difference between the Philips 1628K/00 and 1648K/00 is that the 1648K is shipped with the Nero video plug-in and DVD+R 16x media. Mine (1628K) came without media and only a trial version of the Plug-in.

I wonder if there are any other Philips 1628/1648 owners out there and if anybody has already tried crossflashing to BenQ 1640!?
The SolidBurn feature is yet to be introduced with firmwares p2.0 (most recent Philips firmware is p1.2).


No recent media yet, just an old DVD+RW that I used a lot with my Lite-On 401S. I will get better media tomorrow and also compare after crossflashing to BenQ 1640.

Media is TDK DVD+RW 4x (RICOH JPN W11), burned at 4x.


Upgrade cd-dvd speed please !


Ok, commander! :wink:


a 0 PIF :eek:


Just crossflashed to BenQ DW1640 - success! :slight_smile:

Hmm, 0 PIF might be due to using Version 3.8, which only allowed me to scan with 2x.