Any RPC1 firmware for 4164B?



I got one 4164B, gonna good feeling about this drive

:a but it seems there is no RPC1 fw for this drive

any 1 gonna any idea?



The Dangerous Brothers have released RPC1 firmware for the 4163B. Please see their website :


karangguni,RPC1 for 4163B apply to 4164B?
i think these 2 drive are not the same, arent they?


never heard about 416[g]4[/g]b
and website refer only to 4163B… Some are speaking about next drives, 65 and 67, but none with even number…
Where did you become your drive?


Try search forum 4164. I did and got three threads, including


Whoops! Sorry misread. Thought I saw 4163B. No, the drives are NOT the same. For one thing the 4164B does not support DVD-RAM. The writing strategy is also apparently somewhat different. Have a look at the link in Xterminator’s post. It explains the differences clearly.

As for RPC1 firmware, I don’t think it exists. You’re probably going to have to use software to use the drive to read disks from different regions. There is something that does that but I forgot what it is called.


i c, thx 4 the info. just wonder why LG doesnt officially recognise this drive while it is REALLY a LG writer, funny enough.

yes, the software to bypass region restriction is DVDidle, quite a nice one, hope it works for 4164B 2.


There has not been a firmware upgrade released to be patched. Please drop us an email and we’ll see if we can make some progress.

Brother Vlad


Because it’s not an LG writer officially. It’s not funny to me, just natural.

These are official LG DVD writers:


The rest are either unreleased or not officially released or supported by LG itself. You can easily notice there’s no 4161, no 4164, no 4162 at all. Blame the people who seduced you to buy those drives with no official support.


I just got the 4164 but not installed it yet.

I hear something about that the 4164 is not an official LG drive or it do not has DVD-RAM…

any ideas? should I return it and get a 4163?


It does not support DVD-RAM.

Apparently, it isn’t an official LG drive. It seems to be a model they make only to sell to other OEM companies. For example, some HP computers have been known to come with certain LG DVD writers out of the box. The problem is that it is these other OEM companies who are supposed to provide support for these drives. LG does not seem to support these OEM model drives themselves. So you will not be able to find any firmware updates for the drive from LG. (correct so far Kenshin?)

Firmware updates can improve burn quality for certain types of media, add support for new types of media and enable new functions. Also, don’t bother trying to find RPC1 firmware for the 4164. The people who make region free firmware usually need the original firmware in a file format to work with (i.e. the same thing you download as a file to flash your drive). Since LG doesn’t seem to provide firmware updates on their website, the people who make RPC1 firmware have nothing to work with and so cannot easily make RPC1 firmware.

If you can live without these features, then go ahead and keep the 4164. If I were you however, I would return it for a 4163B. It is just not worth the lack of support.


LG does support those OEM drives but only through OEM contacts because that’s the way it should be. If LG makes firmwares for 4164B, LG will send them to OEMs like HP directly rather than posting on LG’s web pages. I have never seen firmware updates for OEM models on LG’s own websites. It’s the same with Samsung, NEC, Pioneer, Lite-On, and many others. Lite-On, as another example, makes firmwares for HP and 4KUS, but those firmwares are posted on HP and 4KUS websites, not on Lite-On IT’s websites. Piodata and Mad Dog firmware are also not supported for Pioneer and NEC, respectively, consumers. Especially when the OEMs request for specific fixes or something, makers will try to provide updates. So those OEM model consumers should first contact the people that sold to them (like HP and Dell.) When I imported NEC DVD writers (from NEC Japan), there was only one condition: NEC itself has nothing to do with product support. It was I that had to replace broken drives and it was also I that helped the users to use the drives well (thousands of free media and free drives, helping firmware hacking, etc.)

If one bought an OEM LG drive from a reseller, not from HP or Dell or such PC maker, no luck but to do everything on one’s own because no one else is responsible for the support of such drives. also has contact points for LG drives, but that does not include OEM models. The products LG itself support for consumers are GSA-4163B, GSA-5163D, GSA-4160D, GSA-5160D, and so on. (Though all models earlier than 4163/5163 were discontinued long ago.)


If it’s possible to extract the firmware in a user’s drive, it may be possible to make RPC-1 firmware based on the extracted firmware. Technically, it should be possible so there are some RPC-1 firmware downloads on for OEM models (not only for LG but other makers) as well. :slight_smile: But there are not as many people here to who have OEM models than retail models.