Any Ricoh R02 left?

I’ve been looking for some RICOHJPNR02 (USA, Southeast) but there seems to be none left. It’s easier to get R01 for some odd reason as I found a 25-pack branded as Fujifilm in a local FYE that also had some 2x DVD-R Fuji media MIT :eek: At any rate, I know R02 was branded as TDK and Imation but that seems to be about it. One online site, All Media Outlet, actually sold Ricoh-branded R02 for a while but it’s no longer available. Does anyone know where a CD Freak could get his hands on some of these discs?

I have found RICOHJPN R02 in Maxell DVD+R 4x Data and Video in Jewel cases and Philips DVD+R 2.4x RICOHJPNR 00, I have a bunch left of each to bad we don’t live close by.

It seems like the best bet would be stores that DON’T move computer equipment that fast, but still carry it [e.g. Sears, your local franchised pharmacy/all-in-one store–except Wal-Mart, music stores–as you said, etc]. Stores such as Fry’s, CompUSA, BestBuy, Circuit City, etc which sort of specialize in it don’t really hold “old” stock that long. I don’t recall internet stores having old stock like that very often, either.

@ MegaDETH: Do you remember where you found them? I’m curious about this older media, too.

Sometimes these are on sale with rebate for .99 a pack.

You can find RicohJPNR02 in the Arita 8x +R discs at Newegg. However, keep in mind that these are “short ends” of batches and a mixture of RitekR03 and RicohJPNR02 media codes in some cases. Often these have fingerprints or other imperfections, but usually there are are some good burns in a pack. The discs are also printed instead of embossed. I posted a scan of a RicohJPNR02 disc from Newegg here:

When they are good, they can be very good … but again, not all the discs in a pack of these will burn this well!

Thanks Dalen. I’ll may have to risk it. Then again there are some 25-packs of Imation 8x +R on ebay that have the same cakebox style as the Fuji R01s I got, maybe I’ll try one of those.

How about here Ricoh USA

If I’m not mistaken, the silver Ricoh 8x media is actually MBIL, but I could be wrong.

Out of stock.

Ricoh 8x silver can be MBIL made R02 or MBIL 8x +R media.
You don’t know what you get.

The Philips and Maxell I bought on Fleabay, I see them come up now and again.

Getting RichohJPNR02 is a LONG shot w/ ARITA. I got a batch last Fall and they did burn marvelously, best burns I’ve gotten with a DW1650, but got in on two more of the .99 deals after that and one was RITEKR04, the other RITEKR03. By the way, all had the same 8x DVD+R Arita logo, they are physically identical.

If someone reports just having gotten some Ricohs from Newegg recently, you might get lucky.

The batches that I have had of the Arita 8x were all mixed – there were around 10 RicohJPNR02 in each pack. I sorted through the pack and separated into multiple bins.

BTW, these TDK 8x at ZZF “can” possibly be Ricoh… but they are a bit too expensive for me to try as they could be junk too.

That’s not too much for a test. I may have to snag a 10-pack. It’ll either be RICOHJPN R02, CMC MAG E01 or whatever MBI’s 8x +R code is. No junk there really.

MBIPG101 R04. Under the TDK brand they’re really nice discs. :slight_smile:

A side note: Fry’s Electronics actually holds onto old stock for a VERY LONG TIME. They have some of the most exotic and older media you can find anywhere. Not all stores carry the same thing, but if you’re trying to find some old stock, always give Fry’s a try. They don’t actually move as much media as you think.