Any reviews on the LG GSA-4082B?



I am trying to decide wether to get the LG GSA-4082B or the NEC 2500A. One thing I am worried about is that I will most likley be using cheaper media because it is much easier to find unless someone knows of a good store in toronto that carries good dvd media + or -. Burn quality is pretty important as well I just have not heard anything on this burner yet.


Here you go:


I have had good success with LG products for many years.
On the other hand, I have had bad luck with HP and Philips CD and DVD products.

So, where do I get off making such a sweeping statement?
For 3+ years I owned and operated a busy computer store. Unlike so many of the other “experts” that post messages, I dealt in hundreds of units – not just two or three pieces.

LG was good, and usually at a good price. LiteOn was OK (and after all, you get what you pay for.) The HP drives had a 65% failure rate. The Philips drives had a 40% failure rate. Needless to say, I dropped those lines pretty quickly. Honoring the warranties got expensive.

Sony was a good drive, although at slightly more money. To us, NEC and BTC were component manufacturers (as in chips and bits) and BTC always made good video capture cards and support parts. I don’t have any data on the drives because we never sold any.

This week I will be replacing my older and slower DVD writer, and LG will be my choice. If it doesn’t work… well, the company plant is only a few miles away on Matheson Blvd in Mississauga, and I’ll knock on their door – LOUDLY.

I hope to hear from other drive owners on their success rates.
I know the page tagline is “Knowledge is Power” but I believe that making noise about a bad product can get positive results.



I went out and got that burner anyways except I wasent paying attention and got the GSA-4081B which burns -R at 4x instead of 8X which doesnt bother me at all. So far I have made a few dvd’s and backed up some stuff on my ram disc and everything is working quite well, no complaints.


I am glad to hear you have had success with the burner.

As to the speed, I think my favorite was the old 2X Sony drive. When it burned a disk you could easily see the difference between the used and unused area. Perhaps the burn was a little “deeper” and maybe more long-lasting.

Anyway, I am never in a hurry when making a copy that I want to last a long time. I typically run my 32X CDR at 8X, hoping it will be more permanent - and so far no problems.

Best of luck, and keep us up to date with new developments.