Any reviews of ND-3520A?

I am about to buy my first DVD burner.

I read the reviews about the BenQ 1620, and the ND-3500A…

I am looking into the new ND-3520A but there arent any reviews. Before I buy it I want to see a review of it and see if its at least as good as the older model. Its only like 65 bucks so why not shoot for the newest :slight_smile:

Does nyone of u guys have a link to a review?


preview only…


go for the 1620…3520 needs much work before it is up to snuff.

Well I would but my PC is:
500 Mtz
256 RAM

So it is kinda slow as u see. And the 1620 – i dont think i meet the hardware requirements.

As for the new ND-3520 the hardware reqs are very low!
CPU 450
and 128 RAM

forget the burner, save it, get a new PC or upgrade the mobo/CPU of that one.

Well I say you can still get either the 1620 or the 3520a depending on your preference. If you will be burning @ 16x, then make sure you have DMA enabled in your XP; close down all unnecessary programs+background tasks. Otherwise, the burn time will be increased.

ouch…toss the typewriter and buy a pc :wink: