Any resident dvd/br hardware engineers?

New to the forum, first post, I hope it works out:

I have an idea for an incremental innovation I believe improves the DVD/BR player and burner offerings within the market place but I’m not an electronic engineer - I write software.

Are there any engineers here familiar with cd/dvd/br player and/or recorder design and development? More specifically with the intregration of disc head controlling ICs such as NEC’s SCOMBO®8 (MC-10045) and also the technical ins and outs of actually getting a disc head to write the various CD, DVD and BR book formats?

Anyone here actually work for NEC or Sony (or any DVD/BR chipset companies)?

My idea is incremental in nature and would require modest modifications to existing ICs that control the behaviour of a disc player’s/recorder’s laser system. Clever engineers could probably help me take apart a few retail players/recorders and knock together a rough prototype. I’ve studied electronics at 16-19 school but my strengths are software.

Any takers willing to at least talk about this?

thanks for reading, much appreciated.

London, England

If anyone can suggest any DVD Development Kit type products out there that might be of help also. I’ve tried to find development systems which come in the form of Laser Disc Head, controller chips and development board but to no avail.

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