Any recommendations on a dvd printer

Hello, I’m looking to purchase a dvd printer in the next week or two. I want something that prints really good images, and maybe something that I can refill the ink to save money on. I want to spend around $200-300 us dollars or close to that price range.

Any ideas?

Thanks All!!

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Where are you located? It will make a difference as to whats available to you; if you are in the US then you will have to do some modifications to the canon to enable Direct to Disc printing. Epson and HP do offer direct to disc printers.

yeah… i’m in the US… Georgia. Is there a preference when it comes to quality?

I have a canon ip5000 and the quality is astounding. If you want the best then its a canon. However the epson range is also very good and has the advantage of being able to being set up with a css ink system, ideal for heavy use.
I buy my ink OEM about $2 a tank I don’t know what it costs to run an epson.

Another vote for Canon.
We have iP3000, iP4000 and iP5000
They are all Hall-of-Famers but unfortunately they are out of production.

A curent model would be iP4300
If you’re in North America you will have to acquire a CD/DVD tray and enable the printer to print directly to disc.
It’s not a mod, you simply enable the printer to do what it was designed to do.
Apparently royalty issues forced Canon to disable all printers shipped to N.A.

If you choose Canon, post back and someone will fill you in on everything that you need to know to enable it.

Enabling Canon printers for disc printing.

thanks everyone great info!! canon seems to be the popular choice… any votes for epson??

If software is a consideration, the Canon LablePrint software is generally much preferred over the Epson and HP offerings. If you’re going non-Canon, the Epson would be the best choice.

ok thanks so much, i will be going with the canon ip4300… can the ink tank be refilled on this model? Also, is there a website recommended for buying ink at a good price?

The iP4300 uses a “chipped” cart as do all current inkjet printers, which makes re-filling a bit more challenging than “un-chipped” carts.
If it were mine, I would probably use OEM ink until the warranty was up.

If you choose to re-fill, I have heard that Atlantic Inkjet is currently the place to go for this series of carts.
They offer several options :

The tanks are very simple to refill, but you do have to swap the chips if you are using compatible tanks. If you stick with OEM tanks, you can just fill them before they show as “low”. Most models can be filled while still in the printer. I use bulk ink and compatible tanks from, where you can also find info on the chips on the tanks.