Any recommendation.....?


I would like to convert some of my old cassette and LP to a CD. Can anyone recommend some Freeware program I can download from internet?

Thanks !

I don’t know any free program , but i hear Roxio’s Easy Cd Creator package has some additional tools for that.

If you want totally free and no extra software , just hook up your sound system to the line-in of your soundcard and use Microsoft’s sound recorder to make .wav files. These can be written by almost any cdwriting program to an audio cd.

Hi Mr. Belvedere,

Thanks for your quick reply. I don´t have Roxio’s Easy Cd Creator and ám not planning to buy any software just for that, because it only a few cassette I need to make it into a cd. So Microsoft’s sound recorder can do that…but how to find the Microsoft’s sound recorder in Windows XP ? I mean where is the program is and how to do it?


the best program i have found is part of windows xp “digital media plus” wich costs like $20, so very cheap, this is good as it removes noise and crackles in 1 click, and will automaticly smplit the tracks very acurately. it also has a tuning wizard to make you LP/Tape Players Volume so it doesnt “overload”.

Hi bcn,

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I read about that software somewhere. I was about to buy it but I ´ve second thought about it.

record now has a free trial if you got less than 30 days of transfers it would be perfect for you

Be sure to use a good turntable (that includes a good pickup) and a good sound card and you don’t have to worry about software. Any decent audio editor will do.

if u use linux look at kde project …
maybe u find something for free there
look at also

You can use the freeware EAC - ExactAudioCopy.