Any recommendation for a DVD writer?



Greetings, folks!

I started to collect PC CD/DVD Games from last years. As the collection grows larger and larger, I feel the need to back up them into CD/DVD images. I only have an old CD writer right now (Benq CRW-5232WI, made in 2004). It is still working fine but I always have trouble dumping some SecuROM protected games (e.g. Judge Dredd: Dredd versus Death) with it. Besides I have quite a few DVD games now so it’s time to get a DVD writer. Do you guys have any recommendation for a DVD drive/writer which is reliable for ripping and burning all kinds of Protected/Non-protected CD/DVD games? Thank you!

I went to a local retail store. They only have new writers like Pioneer DVR-221VXL and ASUS DRW-24D3ST. Are they any good?


Since I don’t work with game backups I don’t have a DVD drive to recommend for this . I will let those that do make the recommendation.
What I recommend is you make the purchase online form newegg ,Amazon, etc.
Usually a much better selection than local & usually a better price.


Most of the modern burners are comparable to one another in capabilities and build quality. There aren’t any that have proved to be outstanding, and you’ll find virtually no one around here who is enthused about the current selections.

The Blu-ray burners still seem to be well made, if you don’t mind spending two to three times as much as you would for a DVD burner. There is an LG Blu-ray burner for $50, as shown in this thread: That sale ends in three days.

But if you aren’t interested in the more expensive Blu-ray drives, I’d say grab a Samsung, LG or Lite-on at Amazon or Newegg. Asus rebadges drives made by others, and the Pioneer DVD drives are not the same quality as they had in the past. Pioneer Blu-ray drives are among the best however.