Any recomendations on Digital Cameras?

Well, it’s a bit off topic, but I need to buy a digital camera - the last one I owned was Mavica FDC - it’s like 5 years old.
So what are you guys using - something easy to use (my wife is not very electronics friendly :doh: ) one of those point-and-shoot , like Sony Cybershot - I heard they are pretty good and moderately priced - 200-300 bucks.
What are you guys using these days?
If you could give me several models to look into - so I can find the best prices for those.


It is generally considered that digital photography differs big time from classical one, still if you look at the top models they are usually of one brand.

So, to cut it short: I use ONLY Nikon, both in Film SLR and Digital Compact Cameras.

And an example:
Easy to use and very reliable.

Canon Powershot S60, Canon PowerShot SD500 (Ixus 700 if you’re in Europe) or Sony DSC-W7. Have a look at those. have reviewed both cameras from Canon.

best source of reviews, news, sample images, etc:

like alex, im partial to Nikon (my F90 35mm has gone around the world with me and snapped tens of thousands of photos over the last 12 years)…i have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P9 (5 yr old 4MP model) and the image quality and control flexibility is pretty crap…

Canon and Nikon are the only 2 brands i would trust with cameras but i’m somewhat of a “photofile”…