Any rebadged 6500 or 6650s?

just want to know if I should be searching ebay for anything else.

are there any other drives in this class I should be considering for a laptop or are these drives clearly the dogs bollies?

Rebranding happen mostly for the sake of the mainstream retail market. Slimline drives were never intended for a retail market (it’s almost exclusively sold to the very specialized OEM market of major computer makers; a small portion gets sold to a general OEM market, but there are never any retail sales), and as such, there are no cases of any slimline drives by any company being rebranded.

thanks my friend.

do any other manufacturers release more regular firmware updates for slimline drives? NECs ongoing improvement plan doesn’t seem to exist.

Hey there!!!

Just a little input 2 this topic!!!

I just like building my own pc/servers, and sometimes i make em in weird shapes, and therfore i also need special drives and gadgets for them.
I have never had any problems amongst other buing these slimline drives for my machines!! Of course U cannot go in, in an allround supermarket and get them, but most stores that specializes in electronic equipment have them in stock ore it takes one day 2 get them!!

One of the stores i get my stuf from, has 3-4 differ types of slim line dvd writers 2 offer!!

This is just an input, i guess it also varies in witch country U live in!!!