Any reason to use DVD+R over DVD-R

Hi, I have only been burning dvd’s for a short time but am wondering if there are any advantages to using DVD+R over DVD-R. So far all the DVD-R data backup discs and DVD-R movies I have burned have worked fine. Thanks


In theory the +R writing strategy is supposed to be superior to the -R -

I use both with my Taiyo Yudens and have had good results with the +R burning faster in both of my 3500’s - so my replacement discs will be +R TY’s


The big advantage with +R is bitsetting if your drive supports it. My sister was in town this weekend and her ancient Comapq 1694 would not read any of the -R movies I did for her, but the +R that were bitset to DVDROM had no problems at all. So +R is better just for that extra compatibility. At least in my opinion, everyone does have their own.

That really depends on your burner, and what format it prefers, e.g. BenQ / Philips drives have a clear preference for DVD+R media (Philips = “leader” of the DVD+R alliance), while Pioneer writers definitely prefer DVD-R discs (Pioneer = “leader” of the DVD-R camp). The other drives are somewhere in between these two extremes.

But more important than the format is the disc quality itself. There is very high quality media available for both formats, just choose the media that works best with your drive.

I hear Philips is more strict on their licensing of their media (+ format). This is why it seems from posts I read that people who get bad media seems to be 5 to 1 more often -. But it does depend on your burner and what it likes.

Hi, wats the diff between the “+” and the “-” here…

The DVD+R discs are easier to produce than the -Rs. The production of the DVD+R is based on the CD-R while DVD-R are totaly differently produced. It is easier to produce good quality DVD+R than DVD-R, which does not mean DVD+R being superior. DVD+R has higher jitter, needs BITSETTING to work on some drives, DVD-R having slower burnspeeds and no -Dl…etc each format has its high and lows. If you use high grade medias from TY, RITEK, TDK, RICOH, Mitsubishi or Maxell etc use the format which best suites your burner.

I prefer DVD-R for one good reason: there is a far superior choice in inkjet printable media.

My main concern is quality of movie copy, and I can’t find any difference between -R & +R, I’ve a toshiba player which loves -R but is very dodgey with +R and an old wharfedale which plays the +R but not -R. A lot of dvd player manufacturers make a point of listing -R compatibility whereas +R is very shy in comparison, which shouldn’t be a problem given the book type setting. I don’t forsee not being able to buy a -R compatible player in the future so -R I shall be using, mainly because my main player likes them and I would like it elsewhere in the house when it’s replaced shortly.

I use +R disks so i can change the book-type to dvd-rom and play on most any player. Have had a few friends players not play +R only -R and when +R’s are changed to dvd-rom they will play.

There are arguments for both. Being involved in console backups, -R is definitely the choice for me. It is true that certain burners seem to be more geared for certain media but as mentioned above, a quality disc of either format isn’t a bad way to go.

My Lite on Burner hates DVD-R (bad scan results) so I buy only +R

This can turn into a + or -R war, you know some people like things other’s don’t, but I will tell you a very good reason to use +R’s instead of -R’s

some players will play them both while some will only play -R’s and some will only play +R’s as you have read from other post…

The advantage of the +R’s is you can change the Bit-setting with -R’s you can’t change anything, meaning if you have a -R and come across a player that will not play it, then you out of luck, but if you have a +R and the player will not play it, then you can change the bit-setting and more then likely it will work…

Even as people have there opinon about the + and - it really all comes down to compatibilty, and which ever works with your standalone is what really counts…

Can you backup a DVD-R to DVD+R. I use the HP dvd300i and need to back up a home video from DVD-R? Any help or am I batting my head up against the wall. I didn’t know it was on DVD-R until I made two coasters.

If your writer reads dvd-r then sure, why not. I recently copied a load of copies from +r to -r, dvdshrink for instance, ripped the +r movie and then burnt to -r.


You should be able to do a disc copy from - to + media using just regular disc copy program (Nero 6, Rixio, etc) and it should play just fine in a +R compatable standalone player IMO


I use dvd-r for moment because my old pioneer can only read -r model. Other dvd +r and +r bitset to -rom are rejected.


I have a dual format DVD burner and I was wondering, what is the difference between + and -?

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Here is an article explaining the difference. Personally I prefer +r media 1: Lite-ons prefer +r and 2: I booktype all my rip/burns to dvd-rom.