Any reason to get iHBS112-115 over new BH16NS55?



Liteon is an older but cheaper drive. It can also do quality scans which I need.
I don’t see any reason to buy more expensive BH16NS55 (which isn’t even listed on LG’s site). Can they both burn BD XL 100GB discs?


The LiteOn doesn’t support BDXL media, so nope, no 100 GB media support.

The BH16NS55 reports to software that it supports BDXL media, so it shouldn’t have an issue with 100 GB media.

& to answer the question from your other post, LiteOn drives do not write as well on BD media as LG or Pioneer drives do. It’s not bad, but quality scans are a little less pristine.


Thank you for answering. I ordered BH16NS55. I still don’t know much about it, it’s not even available on LG’s English site.

But not having scan ability is a big handicap for me as intend to store valuable backups.

Would it be a sane decision to get additional drive for scans only, some time in the future? Like iHBS112?


I think it is reasonable to have a “burning drive” and a “scanning drive”. I have been using an LG BH14NS40 for burning and a Lite-On iHBS112 for scanning for several years now.