Any real alternative(s) for Benq?

Is there any “real” alternative for Benq 1650 around? I know theres some rebadged Benq’s around but those are pretty much gone too, at least here. Liteon might be the obvious choice but have they made any really good burners that would be equal or better to the 1650?

The things i need from my burner:

  • Burns Verbatim DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) well.
  • Able to scan the quality of the burned discs.

Though, i can always use my existing Benq to do the scanning, but its still good to have on the new one as well.

Im not in a hurry to buy a new one, yet, but id like to keep myself “informed”. :slight_smile:

Get a Pioneer, I think they have quality scanning capabilities as well

I trust quality scans from pioneer about as much as I trust the Bush administration.

I’m not enamored with Benq drives; they are good, but not godly. I would gladly take a px-755/760 or any of the currently available liteons as a substitute.

most drives are very good these days and thus almost any of them can substitute a BenQ. Forget about plextor, way overpriced, not worth the money spent.

Pioneer 112D is a solid drive, some of the newer liteons are very decent, the Samsung drives are very good too

Your choice is now practically limited to Lite-ON drives :frowning: as both the alternatives have withdrawn from the market. As for writing quality, I have no idea and I hope my current drives last long enough until another great drive arrives or next-generation writers become affordable. (I have zero interest in faster writing times, I just want better writing quality).

there are a number of reports of Pioneer 111/112 drives losing the ability to write to CD-R after a relatively short period of time…this is very unfortunate and is a big handicap for the pioneer IMO.

The samsung DVD-R lead-in issue has a less than satisfactory fix (only in one special edition firmware, with no apparent plan for a fix from samsung in future firmwares).

i think the state of the burning market is kind of sad these days. there are no truely great burners that just work and do most things well, even ignoring the scanning ability which is really only useful for us “cdfreaks.”

Seems like BenQ may not have been the best at every single thing you might use a burner for, but it did seem to do all those things pretty darn well. Something that I don’t think can be said about any reasonably priced burner on the market today.

If you buy an LG you pretty much don’t have to scan your discs, its quality is excellent. It’s only unfortunate that it doesn’t support scanning at all.

A lot of people are recommending the Pioneer on CDFreaks, but if it’s like mikea128 said, that it’d lose ability to write CD-Rs quickly, then LG is the better choice now.

Which LG u recommend ?

get the lgh62 series. :slight_smile:

the LG GSA-H62x causes tons of C2 errors when burning CD-R’s, unless you back down to 16x. See the CDF review. how frustrating is this??? nobody makes a good all around burner any more!

If you are going “IDE” I would suggest the H42N LG, great 18X burner. If you are going to use SATA I would recommend the Samsung SH203, if you can find one, this drive is very new. :wink:

But it shouldn’t be used as CD-writer. :frowning:

Damn … looks as though companies can no longer create the magic that was done with 1640/50/55

Yes Alan you are correct as always :iagree:, for IDE the LG H42 or H44 series are excellent burners for the IDE connection.

Although they suffer on the feature side of things such as scanning and slow reading time ( what can be changed :wink: ) the quality of the drive in general makes up for everything else. They are well made and i have never had a LG drive fail or die on me yet. :bigsmile::bigsmile:

u cant compare a H42N to the older Benq Beauties

I am in the same situation. I would really like to get another burner that is comparable to my Benq.

The BenQ DW1800 looks like it has some promise. The liteon versions that can be cross flashed are available in the US.

True , but we can only suggest the best available Today , in our opinion. And class drives like the Benq’s are sadly no more. !!! :sad::sad:

Is Benq 16xx series that great as CD-writers?

The only problem with both LG and Pioneer appears to be CD writing now, but I suspect if Benq drives really makes a difference.

Liteon drives are good CD writers, but they can be really noisy.

“Is Benq 16xx series that great as CD-writers?”
“Liteon drives are good CD writers, but they can be really noisy.”

My experience is that my Benq DW1655 is a superb CD writer at any speed and on all makes of disc that I have tried. And after nearly 2 years of searching it is the only good CD writer I found. It is in a different league to my Lite-Ons (2xSOHR-5239V & a Lite-On made Sony DW-G120, both with the latest firmware) and a couple of NECs that I tried.

The SOHR-5239Vs seem to always produce C2 errors on all discs at full speed (except Daxon) and with high jitter. Reducing the speed gets rid of the C2 problem on most cds. I think that it is only good enough with Verbatim DL+ at 12x, but no faster. With Taiyo Yuden discs it is not that good even at 12x. But use Daxon discs in it and it is fine, I’ve never had a poor write even at full speed (apart from the high jitter).

I would rate the DW-G120 as being even worse. It is even more prone to C2 errors at any speed with almost any CDs, especially Taiyo Yuden. I would also say that it is less consistent in it’s writing quality from disc to disc.However it is OK at 40x with Verbatim DL+, the C1 count is always high at the begining before dropping to an acceptable level. I haven’t tested the jitter thoroughly for this drive but it is nothing special. The only other disc it seems to work well with is Daxon (again). It isn’t quite as good as the SOHR-5239V, but I haven’t had a C2 so far.