Any programs/pluggins that can record live streamed broadcasts off internet straight

I use windows media and winamp and i listen to a lot of live broadcasts. Does anyone know of where I can get a free program or plugin to allow me to save program directly on to hard drive rather than going through a portable device?

Thanks for any help that is offered:bow:

I am not sure if it will do audio streams, but Streambox VCR records video streams without problems.
Not sure about its homepage, it keeps changing. :wink:
Do a search on Google for it.

The search on this forum would have answered your question already:

If you mean e.g. Shoutcast streams, you can use the tool Streamripper32, available at .

But please, keep in mind, that maybe it would be illegal to rip commercial songs (this depends on the streams, you are listening to, of course).

Anything that is played through your soundcard can be recorded with TotalRecorder.