Any problems with FujiFilm 8x DVD-R's?

Fujifilm 8x DVD-R’s, made in Taiwan (not japan).

Any problems with this media and the NEC 3500 and liggy firmware? How about with Mad Dog’s firmware?

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Those Fujifilm will probably be FUJIFILM03. Quality is very varibal, from good to dreadful. LD firmware uses the default write strategy for that media. So if this is the only media you have, you may be best sticking with the offical stock firmware for your drive.

I have used them exlusivley in my 2500 flashed to a 2510 for months and months and have had nothing but success with them :slight_smile:

I find that FUJIFILM03 does not work that well in my NEC 3500, but is fine in my LG 4120.

I use Datawrite Classic 8x FUJIFILM03 works great with NEC 3500A.

Posted scans in mediaforum.

I have a 25 pack of FUJI 8X DVD-Rs that are PRODISCF01. Anyone have any idea about the media quality for those discs? I can’t overspeed them at all, but my test disc burned without a problem.

Mine FUJIFILM discs are… TYG02, by Taiyo Yuden made in Japan. :smiley:

And they burn GREAT on my NEC 3500. :cool: