Any problems using Maddog 2.F7 on an NEC-2500A?

Any problems using Maddog 2.F7 on an NEC-2500A?

Also, do both 2.F7 and Herrie’s have riplock removed?

  1. no problems 2. TDB’s 2.F7 has RPC1 included…which Herrie’s?


I am a total newbie regarding these firmwares for the 2500A?

Can you explain simply what the advantages / disadvantages of the Maddog 2.F7 and Herrie’s 1.07b5dl are?

My main concerns would be DVD rip speed, DVD burn quality, and DVD burn speed.

I don’t know what book setting is. And what is rpc1?

think the 2.F7 is newer…try both of them and see what you think. There’s posts of peoples results in the threads here. If you don’t find the windows flashers of both you can use Liggys binflash GUI version to flash .bin files very easy to use and you can change booktype with it. I’m using Herrie’s 1.07v2b5dl. I haven’t tried 2.F7 yet as the one i’m using now seem to do the job for me. 2.F7 might have more media added to it. RPC1 is rip lock removed. DVD burn quality will depend more on the media you use. Hope that helps. There’s a ton of info here in the threads. You might look here also

Herrie’s most likely overspeeds more media