Any problems using Herrie's firmware with a Maddog DVD drive?

I know that the Maddog DVD -RW drives are rebadged NEC-2500/2510A DVD burners.

Can they use any of Herrie’s hacked firmware without any problems?

Are they identical to an OEM NEC drive, except for a different label?

The 2500 and 2510 (Mad dog dominator and mega Stor 8X) are identical to an OEM NEC drive. The sticker on the drive says NEC. The firmware Identifies it as a 2500 or 2510 in windows. It is identical. Now hacked firmware without any problems? Yes as long as you understand the inherent risks. And I have accomplished putting Herrie’s 107b5v2 on both a 2500 and 2510 from Mad Dog.

Hope that answers your questions.

Is Herrie’s 107b5v2 or Maddog 2.F7the “best” firmware for the Maddog/NEC-2500?

Do they both remove Rip-lock?

And does it include dual layer burning? (if not, is dual layer burning even desireable on the NEC 2500A?)

Herrie does what you want. i have successfully burned to a Verbatim DL disc in a 2500 with Herrie’s firmware. It also overspeeeds many 4x media to 8x. If all you want is riplock and dual layer the dangerous bros have a riplock removed for the 2510 that you can dos flash on your drive and it will have those features.

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