Any problem in Plextor America?




Anyone can contact to Plextor America with e-mail or phone?
Because of I got very bad drive(716A)from their RMA service.
(at least 800~1400 PIE Result on MIJ TDK,FUJIFILM,Verbatim and etc :sad: )
So I trying to contact them to request RMA but there is no answer.
(And some dead link on their website like RMA status.)

Phone just said “Please continue to hold” forever and e-mail also they won’t reply. :a
I’ve send several e-mails 8 days ago and now I did again and again. :frowning:

Anyone send your drive to Plextor America? Or somebody can contact with them?

I don’t have a much time to wait because my friend will come from Colorado(I live in NYC :slight_smile: )
at end of next week so I want to send my drive before.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english :bow:


Plextor America
48383 Fremont Blvd., Suite 120
Technical support, contact us at support
Fremont, CA 94538 RMA requests, contact us at rmasupport
Phone: 1.510.440.2000
Sales support, contact us at sales
FAX: 1.510.651.9755 Public relations, contact marcom
Online Store Representative : 1.866.856.0357 Marketing, contact marketing
Accounting, contact accounting
Website, contact the Webmaster
Plextorshop Customer Service Contacts


Sorry man a while back (mid Dec) i emailed them got an answer back within a day and every thing else went smooth (this was on a PX-W5224A for work). Got the drive back within about a week and a half.


Finally I got the mail from them :bow:
(some plextor employee check this forum? :smiley: )
Thanks for replies.


good luck with your RMA…