Any Possible problems with Plexton 708A and Nvidia2?



This is my Current PC Setup:

ASUStek Nvidia2 Chipset A7N8X Deluxe motherboard
ASUStek GeForce FX 5200 128mb Graphics Card
NEC 48x CD-R/RW cdrom
80gb 7200 Seagate
512mb ram (2*256 at 400ddr)

I am thinking to buy Plexton 708A-Sw, generally people say good thingz about them, well I would appreciate any comments about if there are possible clashes with my setup that has Nvidia2 chipset…

any info is really really appreciated…


Hi arda21, welcome to the forums.

There are/were some problems with this chipset yes but there are modified drivers available that fixes these issues. Please read through the FAQ and use the search function. Then you will most surely find the information you are looking for and if not, please ask for more help. Good luck!



I am also searching and reading more now as we speak,
but I want to ask you this very basic question again:

IS PLEXTON 708A a good choice for MULTIFORMAT DVD writers in the essence?

I see most people go for TDK or Sony models…

I am very curious, you can just give me an idea about why going PLexton in general, mate…

thanks again


In my opinion the Plextor is a good choice. When it was first released it was the best drive to get. Since then a lot of new drives have been released and there are good alternatives for the Plextor of course. The NEC ND-2500A seems to be a good drive when it comes to burn quality on low quality media. The good thing about the Plextor is really its support. When there is a problem with your drive you can be sure it will be replaced a.s.a.p. I don’t really know a lot about TDK and Sony DVD recorders but the Sony doesn’t seem to be a great choice (judging from the posts on this forum). The TDK 840G DVD recorder is the same drive as the Plextor PX-708A and the TDK AID+880N is the same drive as the NEC ND-2500A so if you want to know how it performs, do some research for these models. I’ve personally been using the Plextor PX-708A since it was first released and I haven’t had any problems with it. There were some problems with the Nero software but this has been solved now. My Plextor burns pretty much everything I throw at it but I tend not to use low quality media. I hope this info helps you with your choice. Please remember to use the search function because the drives you mention have all been discussed on this forum a lot. Good luck!


i have had the same problems arda21, in case you havent gotten them yet, the modified drivers can be found HERE
nforce remix 2.45a drivers

i agree with gamefreak completely, plextor tech support has been very good to me. once you get it up and running im sure you’ll absolutely love the drive.

as far as media is concerned i would highly recommend the TDK DVD+R. burns at 8x no prob and is very consistent.

hope everything works out for you.


[QUOTE]Originally posted by jp22382
[B]i have had the same problems arda21, in case you havent gotten them yet, the modified drivers can be found HERE
nforce remix 2.45a drivers

hey thanks all for answers…
I hope everything works out the best as well…
but what do you guys mean by ‘modified drivers’

I think I have the latest 3.13 unified frivers from nvidia drivers,
with those IDE SW thing installed, is that the problem you are talking about?

thankies again…


the nvidia ide drivers have been causing problems with the px-708a. those modified drivers have a different set of ide drivers that make the drive work perfectly.