Any possibility of rescuing a coaster?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this thread. Just wanted to know if there’s any possibility of reading stuff on a coaster?

I’ve got a burnt DVD (Ritek G05) that’s not readable on a Pioneer DVR-106, DVR-111 and a Sony DVD-RW, so I’m assuming that it’s just not readable.

But the thing is, surely the information is on there, just that at some point through the burning process, some bit(s) went wrong, am I right?

I want to know is there any way of making a drive just read what is on the disc, regardless of whether the drive actually understands it or not. If so, will this retrive most of the stuff that’s on the disc. Are there other methods?


Fraid not, if you read reviews on this forum you will find that ritek g05s are possibly the worst media you can buy, which degrade within 2-4 weeks. There is no way of reading a complete coaster.

IsoBuster might help as might DVD Decrypter if it’s a movie.

Other DVD-ROMs or burners might have more success than the Pioneers, so if you’ve got friends with other opticals it’s worth a try.

Wow thanks for the tip on Isobuster, it worked quite well and I got all my data back that I wanted.

I think that for some reason, there were 2 tracks on the disc, one of them contained stuff that wasn’t readable and the other track was perfectly fine. The track with the unreadable data didn’t really have anything that I remember burning though, not sure how that got there…

Maybe you have used UDF/ISO as FS.