Any point in backing up comercial VHS to DVD?

I probably have 75 - 100 purchased VHS movies from the old days before DVD.

Given that VHS picture quality sucks compared to DVDs and that backing up a VHS to DVD will degrade the picture quality even further, what you would end up with would be much worse quality than copying the same movies from Satelite to DVD the next time they roll around on one of our comercial-free movie channels (HBO, Max, TCM, IFC, etc.).

Any flaw with my assumptions or logic?

The only downside I see is the extra space the bulky VHSs take up over the year or more it will take to catch all of the movies on satellite.

Toss a coin both ways
1 - the tapes may last longer then DVD
2 - the DVD may last longer then the tape
3 - the vhs player may break and you cant get another
4 - you dont need to lug a player around when on disc
5 - you can edit discs
6 - having more then one copy should make you feel better
7 - you would miss all the settings you have to do with a vhs player
8 - you lost the manual
9 - DVD don’t come with a remote
10 - don’t come with a clock either

All valid reasons

I think bkf has sumed it up perfectly! :bow:

Thanks! It sounds like my plan is what’s right for me.