Any plans on nx4all for 1.18 fw (Pioneer DVR-108)?

Are there any plans to make a nx4all firmware from the current v1.18 firmware ?
I noticed v1.18 has some burning quality enhancements compared to the 1.14…

Now I have to choose between 1.14 nx4all and v1.18 with “better” writing strats but no speed hacks. :Z … Hard choice :iagree:

>NIL ? Gradius ? Are you guys still around ? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


current DVDRW ODD’s :
16x : Pioneer DVR-108 (1.14 >NIL), Philps 1640P (Benq fw B7T9), NEC-3500AG (LDv2_beta2)
12x : 2x Plextor 712A (1.05) , LG GSA-4120 (A102)
8x : NEC2510 (Herrie 1.07v2b5) , Pioneer DVR-107D(1.18 >NIL), Sony DRU-700A (CG3E)
4x : Sony DRU-500A (2.1a) , Pioneer DVR-106D, LiteON 411 (FS0K)
2.4x : HP200i, Ricoh MP5125A (+R/RW only)

Don’t forget the PioData firmware with bitsetting for single layer DVD+R!

Sure hope so (and with dvd+rw bitsetting too!!)



Piodata 1.18 is nice, but a real nx4all, also including bitsetting & RPC1 would be just awesome !!
I kind of miss the nx4all now when on 1.18 …maybe I’ll go back to >NIL 1.14…

With the low prices for 8x media today there is no real need more for x4all hacks…

:confused: I don’t see your point here …
I would think that the lower price of 8x media today is the main reason te create a nx4all !! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just image that you could choose for all your 8x rated media to burn @8x, @12x or @16x !! :smiley:

The rather large price difference between 16x rated media and 8x rated media,
is the most importent reason to create a nx4all (read as 16x 4all) !!

I guess chef statement is based on the 1:30 min minimal time gain obtained by 16x burn-speed compared to 8x on a Pioneer 108, and I think he is right!

Absolutely. There’s simply no need for speed hacking with the price of media now. The overall time gain with a 16x burn over an 8x burn isn’t worth the effort. The only thing worth patching now is for RPC-1.

I only use -R media, so bitsetting isn’t important to me. :slight_smile:

Removing the Rip-Lock and playback of all DVD media at 16X via the Piodata v1.18 firmware would be awesome awesome hack. :iagree:

Do you mean we don’t need @16x burning because @8x burning is almost as fast ? Why the hell would we need a @16x DVD-writer then ? :confused:
Should we all have stayed with the older DVR-107D burner ? Is that what you are basically saying ?? :confused:

I dont agree, as my 8x media is 1/2 the price of new 16x media and with nils 1.14 firmware i can burn full dvd -r to limits in 6m 30sec at 16x and its 7m 02sec at 12x and its 7m 40secs at 8x.

Ive had no issue playing them back on any pc roms or standalones, so i will happily take extra 1m 10 secs per dvd burned time saved, and do without bit setting thats no good to anyone other than peeps with very old standalone players, but i happily take both these aswell as other mods, 16x ripping be nice, i dont get how a 16 x writer can write but cant rip at 16x, man my old pioneer 116 of 4 years ago could rip at 16x.

@pat375 : Pioneer 108 makes a difference in terms of dual-layer technology implemented over 107 model; the 16x speed comes as a bonus! - it initially was designed for 12x but for marketing purposes they raised the speed to 16x. And to be realistic, even if you burn 30 DVDs a day you can afford to waste 1 min/disc for whatever reason. Obvious the technology will eventually end with all media supporting 16x speed like nowadays the CD’s are 48x certified, but though most people burns them @ 40x max. Today 4x media is only 20% cheaper than 8x media, tomorrow 4x media will cease to be available.

And yes, I agree, 16x reading speed for -R/+R(W) should be implemented in all drives because there is a larger time-gain of almost 3 min!

and bitsetting for dvd+rw !!


Why would anyone burn cdr 48x certed at 40x, if they have say a 52x writer, i burn my cdr at 52x and the media is rated to 52x i also threw out all my slower cdrw and high speed cdrw and got new ultra speed media thats 32x.

I for one will always burn at max speed and if someone invented a 20x dvd writer i would buy it, im little pissed to read that the msi and nec (as of diff writing strat) shave more than 1 min of the 16x burn time of 6m 02 for the pioneer 108, i was reading it here in reviews on this site, 5mins would be nice.

The old myth is dead about burning slower as nowdays with modern media and modern writers, the less time you take to burn the less heat damage / distortion there is to media, the drives and media are rated to do this, its not for fun, only time you need go slower and some will auto slow it for you is in overburning, thats not to say you must slow it but more change of failure of you dont.

I still stand by buying half decent media, it dont need be the costlyest in world, ive had no issue on my teac 16x52x32x52 dvd/cdrw combo or pioneer 108 with any media at max speeds, ive burnt all but dvd +dl as there like £5 each, used to be £10.

P.S the pionner makes dvds into booktype dvd-rom to get compatablility with older stand alone players, so bit setting aint that important.

Thas is bitsetting !! :confused:
Turning dvds into booktype dvd-rom is what people call bitsetting. :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:
What firmware do you use for your Pio 108 ? I ask because mine doesn’t turn dvds into booktype dvd-rom… (standard Pioneer 108 firmware v1.18)
Do you maybe use the Piodata firmware ?

Well, I don’t think many people actually use DL already because the media are way too expensive. Where I live, about 8 EUR for Verbatim DVD+R DL. :eek:
If you look at it that way, the Pio 108 wasn’t a very smart purchase decision! :eek:
DL is not for now yet, maybe in 3 - 6 (?) monhts DL media will come down too 2x the current price of SL media.
So, we bought out 108 about one year too early (!) and when DL will finally be affortable, our Pio 108 will be obsolete due only 4x writing speed ! :Z :Z

I know its already bitsetting, so why u need more it does dvd-rom booktype, exactly my point all your pioneer 108 or a08xl do this.
No im on nils 1.14 so far but you can see in reviews it does this by default.

“Unfortunately, the DVR-A08XL’s bitsetting capabilities are fairly limited. While the drive automatically sets the book type to “DVD-ROM” when writing to DVD+R DL discs, it lacks the ability to do the same with single layer DVD+R and DVD+RW media”.

Ok i misread it for DL only, ah well, i can play my burnt dvds in any other rom or standlone so far

Same here. I’ve had no issues whatsoever.

On a side note, there is Gradius 1.18 RPC-1 firmware available from his Web page. I’ve flashed the drive but not yet done any burns with it.