ANy place to get Verbatim DL disks in netherlands?

I have a friend from there that was looking to get some from any online site that sells to there?

In random order a few. (Probably the best option at this time.)

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that site is CHEAP !!!

and they ship to holland !!! they even have a dutch language button for me to read in my ‘moerstaal’ (dutch language).

I know that germany does not have taxes on the cds but this is EXTREMLY cheap :slight_smile:

I hope there is no catch… i cannot believe it… i am ordering… well… lets paste what i have now :slight_smile:

Cardboardcases voor 12 cm CD/DVD wit 50-stuks
CD-R 80 Min/700 MB 52x Verbatim printable 50 Stuks (2 x 50 stuks in cakebox)
CD-R 80 Min/700 MB Prodye NEON Magic bedrukbaar (fullprintable) in Cakebox 25-stuks
CD-R 80 Min/700 MB Prodye Orange Magic bedrukbaar (fullprintable) in Cakebox 25-stuks
Data-Flash 100 vochtige CD/DVD-reinigingsdoekjes
DVD+R 4,7 GB Verbatim 16x Speed printable in Cakebox 25 Stück (6 x 25 stuks in cakebox)
DVD-doosjes 100 stuks zwart
DVD-doosjes voor 3 Media´s zwart 50-stuks - 14 mm
DVD-dubbeldoosjes 50-stuks
Plastic hoesjes voor DVD-doosjes 100 stuks
Prodye Inserts voor 14mm DVD-doosjes (273 x 182 mm), matt 120 gr. - 100 vel (2 verpakkingseenheid)
Robotic LED Leeslampje, zilver
Slimline Box voor 1 CD tray transparent 100-stuks

Totaal: 219,80 EUR
(nl) Verzendkosten : 12,95 EUR
Totaalbedrag: 232,75 EUR

I maxed out the shipping weight :wink:

Weight: 29.53 Kg = 0.47kg left :slight_smile:

I’m either being ripped off and that site is a front, or i will actually get this stuff sent to me… i cannot believe how cheap stuff is overthere :slight_smile:

The colored CD’s are probably fucked but i wanna do something different for once :slight_smile:

Will keep you guys posted on their service and this order :iagree:

A ripoff… nothing was really sent… their phones are out of order…

I most probably lost the money… do not deal with or !!

Cancel that!

After 3 weeks, the package arrived… the box was huge and it was heavily damanged.

The postman said that the package was supposed to be sent with DHL but that they didn’t want it… he was contracted to deliver it and he had it in storage for a while because the package was too big for his van :slight_smile: he hated me i’m sure :slight_smile:

Eventhough the box was so damanged, the goods where undamaged and where protected by airbags.

I will order again, but well in advance so i don’t need to wait :slight_smile: