Any place to buy cheap, retail version of NEC ND-2510A online?

I am thinking about buying a NEC ND-2510A retail version (I would like to use the accompanying software). I have spend a few hours researching different online stores (most are listed on ZDNet, PC World, Fat Wallet, etc.), only to find out that the drives they carry are all OEM or bulk version. So does anyone know where I can find a store for cheap, retail version of NEC ND-2501A? Or any place where I get the accompanying software without much cost? I am in California.


I was under the impression that all of the NEC drives were technically OEM’s. Retail manufacturer’s such as HP might rebadge them and make them into retail drives but I don’t think you’re going to have much luck finding a “retail” NEC drive. I’d personally go to to buy one as the ND2510A is $71.99 there right now and you can get different color front bezels to match the color of your case with it.

I’m also not sure what the SVR version of this drive is exactly other than has them for sale also. :slight_smile:


Somehow I was under the impression that the firmwires of the OEM cannot be upgraded. I might be wrong, so I am reading the NEC forum right now. And people there say that 2500A and 2510A are identical (after firmwire upgrade)…