Any place for genuine / good quality BDXL -R media?

I’m trying to find decently priced, but genuine and good quality BDXL media for sale. seems to only offer media at 10€/disc or higher.

Has anybody found anything less expensive that works? Writing speed is of no concern to me, quality is. I’d probably be burning with BDR-S09 or LG WH16NS48DQ .
I have no personal experience with these, but the price is very tempting - US $3.80 / piece, MID should be TDKBLD-RNC-000.

Thanks for that link, I might order a few TDK BDXL’s from there.
A month ago, I ordered 4 pieces TDK 100GB discs from a Chinese seller on ebay. The discs were (as mentioned in the description) packed in paper sleeves. So I was sceptical if they worked. Although there weren’t any scratches or any dust on the disc surface, I was not able to successfully burn them. I suspect these specific discs might not have been A-Grade quality… (my Pioneer BDR-S09XLT only showed 2x writing speed, but crashed after about 25GB. My WH16NS48 started burning only when OPC was disabled, but also crashed. The same with an ASUS BW-16D1HT (3.00)…)

Just ordered 10 pieces TDK 100GB BDXL’s from the link above. I will keep you informed how they will perform…

The ordered TDK 100 GB BDXL’s came in 5 double sided plastic sleeves. I am not sure, if these TDK’s are only B-Grade. (If I’d found a factory sealed spindle of 10, I’d order them…). Anyway, the results are horrible
(Burner LG WH16NS48 @ 2x (with defect management), OPC on):

For comparison reasons VERBAT-Imk (Verbatim 43790) (Burner LG WH16NS48 @ 2x (with defect management), OPC on):

And a Sony 128GB BDXL with higher capacity (Burner LG WH16NS48 @ 2x (with defect management), OPC on):

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