Any Panasonic (or other brand) DVRs equipped with difital tuners?



We are on the verge of digital tv into the home. Some of us are there (not yet me).

Are Panasonic DVR (say ES25) equipped with digital tuners, or are they only analog? If there are digital tuner models, which ones are they?


No the ES series is all analog.
The EZ series have the digital tuners, but IMO I wouldn’t consider them. I just finally got my money back after 5! EZ-17-27’s went bad within 0-60 days. They are also very buggy with lots of programming bugs. You WILL miss scheduled events if you buy one of the current EZ recorders.
You could try and wait for the new EZ line, should be out within a month. They will include a EZ-28(just DVDR) and EZ-48(DVDR w/vhs). I’m hoping??? they will be better than the bug ridden EZ-17,27,37 and 47’s that are just about winding down now.
If you have a ES-25 I would suggest adding a $40 digital converter box to it. If you get the proposed Echostar TR-40 it is supposed to have a built in scheduler to automatically change channels. So you could just record from the line in of your ES-25, which is a very reliable machine(mine has been anyway).
If you could swing ~$300 the Philips 3575 DVDR w/digital tuner is a good choice. It has proven to be quite reliable and includes a build in HDD(160gb) for ~25-168 hrs of recording. Nice little unit, available at Walmart of all places.


jjeff, I certainly am in no rush about this. I think anyone who is impatient with technology is doomed to pay too much for poor-functioning gear.

I’ll be happy to use a converter box for the es-25. I have two coupons coming from Uncle Sam. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.