Any other software (apart from EAC) to create CDImage.wav?

hi everyone,

I admire EAC feature allowing one to make a CDImage.wav + compress to CDImage.ape or whatever else, - however it seems to me that EAC is only capable to do so for tracks to be ripped-off the actual CD inserted into one’s drive.

I would have liked to make a disk-size compilation of files already available on my HD, - and to make the similar image, - but afraid EAC only allows you to choose files from HD when you are in it’s ‘Write CD’ module and in this module no ‘create image and cue sheet’ seems to be available… .

is anyone aware of another piece of software which can make CDImage.wav (from “independent” tracks on yr disk) + thereafter compress to *.ape ?

(f.e. both NERO and Clone CD etc. etc. can make an image, but same are *.nrg or other format(s) and I’m afraid this cannot
be compressed to *.ape)

anticipated thanks



hello all